Midland Weather Radio (Model ER210)
Midland Weather Radio (Model ER210)

Midland ER210: If you are lucky enough, you may not need to rely on listening to an emergency radio, but if you think of it, you may notice that most emergency kits are also packed with a small portable emergency radio.

However, if you plan to buy an emergency radio for your own, you might want to know that there are different types of it, and buying one is not as simple as it seems.


Emergency radios are essential for every household because we never know when disaster will strike or when the lights will turn off.

Most of our handheld devices, such as our smartphones, laptop computers, and tablets, will eventually run out of battery during extended power outages, which may cause more problems in disaster situations. That is why having an emergency radio in your emergency kit should always be a priority.

Midland ER210
Midland ER210

Emergency radios can broadcast NOAA emergency announcements, disaster alerts, and weather updates to keep you posted on the essential things that the authorities instruct on air to keep you and your family safe and sound during disasters.


When it comes to buying the best weather radio in the market, you should get confused about the sizes and shapes of the weather radio brands because if you take a look at it closely, you might wonder if it is just a commodity that you can get one and get yourself prepared for any disaster, well, before you can do that, you should read these necessary considerations.

  • BUY THE MOST BASIC- Many people are persuaded that the features are not just needed to buy the best portable weather radio. The best and most reliable emergency radio only needs to broadcast NOAA emergency and weather alert radio reviews. To make it very simple to use, you only need a radio that can broadcast NOAA alerts and other emergency warnings, so before you spend a lot of money on a shortwave radio like this one, you might want to consider it first.
  • WHEN BUYING THE AM FM WEATHER PORTABLE RADIO, CHECK THE PUBLIC ALERT NOAA NWR HAZARDS LOGO. It would help to look for the public alert or NOAA NWR all hazards logos. Most stickers and stamps are located in the box or on the radio to find this.
  • CHECK THE RADIO FOR ITS SPECIFIC ALERT MESSAGE ENCODING (SAME)- This technology allows the emergency radio user to receive emergency warnings and buy the best weather radio.

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Midland ER210 Emergency Compact Crank Weather Radio- Midland, a well-known manufacturer of outdoor electronic devices and receivers, introduces its own best portable weather radio ER210 that has three power sources; the hand crank, plug-in charging, and the solar panel charging, which can be yours at $**.50. To check out the features, read it below.

  • Emergency flashlight
  • NOAA Weather scan alert
  • External device charging port
  • Large LCD

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The ER210 features three sustainable power sources to recharge your radio: Solar Panel, a Hand Crank, & the Rechargeable 2000 mAh Battery.


Recharge the internal lithium-ion battery with direct sunlight. HAND CRANK – Recharge the radio during a power outage or anytime away from a power source.


The replaceable long-life lithium-ion battery provides up to 25 hours of radio operation.

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The SOS FLASHLIGHT BEACON flashes Morse code in an emergency scenario, and the Bright CREE LED (130 Lumens) can be used to signal for help.

Select the Low brightness setting to conserve battery life or the High brightness setting for maximum illumination.


NOAA Weather Scan will automatically scan through 10 available weather (WX) band channels and lock onto the most robust weather channel to alert you of severe weather updates.

NOAA Weather Alert will indicate a risk of severe weather in your area. AM/PM radio is also available.


Quickly charge your portable devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) using the USB charging cable (included).


The LCD is backlit and can show radio stations, time, or weather channels.

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Emergency Compact Crank Radio & Flashlight – Midland ER210

The Midland Weather Radio (Model ER210) is a handy tool every household should have. It’s specifically designed to provide you with information about severe weather conditions in your area to stay safe and informed.

This blog post will examine Midland Weather Radio’s features and why it’s such an important tool.

We’ll also provide tips on getting the most out of your radio.

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Where to Buy

Regarding weather radios, one of the most popular brands in Midland, the company offers a variety of models, but the ER is one of the most popular. So, where can you buy a Midland Weather Radio (Model ER)?

There are a few different places that sell this model radio. One option is online retailers like Amazon and eBay. Another option is brick-and-mortar stores like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. This model can be found at outdoor stores like REI and Cabela’s.

No matter where you purchase your radio, read the reviews before making your final decision. That way, you can be sure you’re getting a quality product that will meet your needs.

How do you charge a Midland ER210?

If batteries power your Midland Weather Radio, you will need to charge the batteries before using the radio. To set the batteries, connect the charging adapter to the charging port on the side of the radio.

Then, plug the adapter into a power outlet. The red charging indicator light on the front of the radio will turn on, indicating that the batteries are charging. Depending on the condition of the batteries, it may take up to 16 hours to fully charge them.

Once the batteries are charged, you can unplug the adapter from both the radio and the power outlet. Remind any external antennas from the radio before turning it on.

To turn on the radio, press the power button for 3 seconds. Release the button when “ON” appears on display. The display will show “OFF” while doing this.

How do I program my Midland weather radio?

Assuming you would like a step-by-step guide on how to program your Midland weather radio:

  • Begin by pressing the menu button until the display reads “Set Clock.”
  • Use the up and down arrow buttons to set the hour, then press the right arrow button to move to minutes. Set the minutes using the up and down arrow buttons, then press the right arrow button again
  • Press the menu button once more and use the arrow buttons to scroll through until the display reads “Set Location.” Again, use the up and down arrow keys to select your county from the list. To select your county, press in on the center of the keypad.
  • Once your county is selected, press the menu one last time. Scroll through with the arrow keys until “All Hazards” is flashing. Press in on the center of the keypad again to select all hazards for that location
  • Your Midland weather radio is now programmed!

How do I reset my weather radio?

If your Midland Weather Radio isn’t working correctly, you may need to reset it.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Unplug the power cord from the radio.
  • Remove the batteries from the radio.
  • Wait for 30 seconds.
  • Reinstall the batteries in the radio.
  • Plug the power cord back into the radio.
  • Turn on the radio.

How long do Midland radios take to charge?

Midland weather radios take about 3-4 hours to charge. However, if you are using the radio in freezing weather, it is recommended to set it for 8 hours before use.

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Are Midland radios any good?

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable weather radio, Midland is a great option. Their radios have features and long battery life, making them perfect for emergencies.

Plus, they have various channel options so you can stay informed of severe weather conditions in your area.

Why are lights flashing on Midland weather radio?

If you experience a power outage or severe weather, your Midland Weather Radio (model ER) can keep you updated on the latest conditions.

But why are the lights on your radio flashing?

There are four main reasons why the lights on your Midland Weather Radio (model ER) may be flashing:

  • Low battery: The red light on your radio will flash when the batteries are low and need to be replaced. Using disposable batteries, have extras on hand to keep your radio running during a prolonged power outage.
  • Charging: The yellow light on your radio will flash when connected to a power source and charging. Once the batteries are fully charged, the light will turn off.
  • NOAA alert: The green light on your radio will flash when there is an active NOAA Weather Radio broadcast for your area. This could be due to severe weather or another emergency, so it’s essential to stay tuned to your local station for updates.
  • SAME alert: The blue light on your radio will flash when an active SAME (Specific Area Message Encoding) broadcasts for your area. This could also be due to severe weather or another emergency, so it’s essential to stay tuned to your local station for updates.

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midland-weather-radio-review-er210Midland ER210: If you are lucky enough, you may not need to rely on listening to an emergency radio, but if you think of it, you may notice that most emergency kits are also packed with a small portable emergency radio. However, if you plan...