Eton American Red Cross FR160 Micro link Radio
Eton American Red Cross FR160 Micro link Radio

With the Micro Link 160 emergency preparedness weather radio, always be ready wherever you’re.

Get the convenience and features you want on the go in a portable and compact design.

The analog tuner receives FM, AM, and NOAA weather stations with weather alerts based on your specific area.

Features Eton American Red Cross FR160 

You’ll never lose power with the two power sources that let you charge your emergency radio anywhere.

Instantly charge your USB device after hand cranking to get power from the USB cord dump charge function. With this multi-feature weather radio, you’ll never go unprepared.

No matter where you’re, the ETON American Red Cross Micro Link 160 permits you to listen to your favorite music, news, and radio shows while keeping you safe with up-to-date weather information.

This top-quality radio features an analog tuner with FM and AM band and NOAA weather stations that gives all seven channels. It provides you with an infirmity that you rely on!

This emergency weather radio is highly versatile and easy to use! Not only does it charge itself from 2 different power sources, but it’s also compatible with your USB devices.

Plus, it has a 3.5 mm audio jack to enjoy music from portable devices.

The small design of the radio is portable and lightweight.

It is perfect for camping with you or keeping in your house or car for emergencies! Plus, it includes three built-in white LED light sources.

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American Red Cross MICRO LINK FR160 Emergency Radio by Etón

This little gadget is handy, and in addition to saving your life, it is packed with specs you hope you will never need, but specs you will be so happy you have access to if you are hit by extreme weather.

The initial feature of the FR160 is that it is an FM/AM weather radio. Tuning is simple to do and intuitive. Generally, I am not a big fan of analog FM/AM knobs because it is hard to dial in a station, but finding my favorite stations or a listenable weather band with the telescoping antenna on the top was not difficult in no time.

The FR160 is small, weighing in at just 10.4 ounces. It measures only 1.8 x 5.2 x 2.5 inches, so it can sit on a windowsill, ride in your glove box, or fit in with a bit of emergency readiness kit.

There is even a built-in LED flashlight, so many radios will tell me to seek shelter that it can support me in finding my way to that shelter if the power is out.

Another chill spec of the FR160 is that it does not need batteries. A built-in battery can be charged gradually with a solar cell on the top of the radio or much fast in a pinch using a hand crank on the back of the gadget.

Just ninety seconds of cranking will net about 30-40 minutes of low-volume usage, or 8-10 hours of direct sunlight can obtain 3-5 hours of pay—no more hesitation about running out of juice when it matters most.

Probably one of the most compelling specs added in a USB power outlet built onto the side of the FR160.

Just switch the volume knob to an off position, and turn the turner dial from FM/AM/WEB to the cell position, and when you crank, you will generate voltage to charge a mobile phone. Even a perfect LED indicator light lets you know if you are cranking quickly enough to create a charge.


Main Features Eton American Red Cross FR160 

  • FM, AM, and Seven NOAA weather stations
  • Powered by solar and dynamo, both of which change internal Ni-MH battery
  • 3.5mm audio jack output
  • USB mobile phone charger (USB wire not included in the package)

Why do you need it

  • Produce power to power by just setting it under the sun or with a few turns of the hand crank
  • Keeps the listener tuned in to weather forecasts, alerts, or other urgent messages
  • Charge virtually any phone or little electrical gadget with the USB port


  • Perfect power choices include full-time power through a hand crank, a rechargeable NiMH battery pack, and a solar panel.
  • Built-in USB mobile phone charger breathes life into most brands of portable phone batteries (USB cord not added)
  • Inside rechargeable NiMH battery packs stores power produced from a dynamo hand crank and solar panel
  • Handy flashlight specs three bright white LEDs for a dependable source of light when the energy is out
  • 5 mm earphone jack permits simple private listening with headphones (headphones not added)
  • FM/AM radio receivers can also tune in to all seven NOAA weather channels
  • Telescoping antenna for FM reception, inside ferrite antenna for AM reception
  • Analog tuning knobs on the side provide perfect dialing to zero in on finicky signals, complete range monophonic front speaker serves up precise sound reproduction
  • It contains the owner’s manual

What are the things to keep in mind when buying a radio?

It is vital to consider some essential factors when buying a radio. Some of the few things to consider are highlighted below:


It is vital to take note of the radio size you intend to purchase. If you are continually on the move and need your radio by your side, it is vital to pick a little one that can be carried around easily. This spec is essential for both the digital and analog types.

Power source

The radio’s power source is very vital when picking a radio. A radio power source is essentially either one of alternating dry or current cells. Both can run some radios.

Suppose you are the type that stays in an area with an epileptic energy supply. Getting a radio that runs on batteries instead of a present alternating system is best.

Getting a radio that uses just electricity is not an issue in an area with a continuous power supply. If you go for a battery-run broadcast, you must check out the specific kind of battery it uses to ensure it is one you can find in your location.

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Sound standard

The sound standard generally depends on the speakers’ standard and size inside the radio. The best radio should generate clean audio that decreases static sound to the barest lowest.

Radios are sound just gadgets hence the standard of sound they generate should be given utmost significance before buying one.

Extra spec

These days’ radios are made with extra specs. Radios now have MP3 player lamps, gadgets, calculators, etc.

Picking a radio with extra specs depends on what else you need from the gadget apart from the radio. Depending on the number of additional specs the radio has, you could carry up to 4 devices in a single radio set.

End words

Verified for use by American Red Cross, the Microlink FR160 manages all the essentials without extra whistles and bells. It has an FM/AM radio and the pre-requisite 7 NOAA weather band channels.

Charging the radio is restricted, with just two choices: solar panel or manual hand crank, but there is a USB port for powering your gadget from the unit. A strong LED flashlight is placed at one end to get you via a blackout, and it comes with an earphone jack for private radio listening. Eton also contributes a portion of every gadget sale to the Red Cross.

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