AcuRite 01022M Pro Station – Very durable
AcuRite 01022M Pro Station – Very durable

This weather station from AcuRite offers expert-level forecasting to detect quick situations with pinpoint accuracy.

The 5-in-1 weather station is best for part-time meteorologists and people who want to know whether or not to take an umbrella with them when they leave in the early morning. The weather station contains a five-in-one sensor, a lightning sensor, and a full-color digital display hub.

The lighting detector can notice lighting strikes up to twenty-five miles, beeping and flashing when one is detected. This visual and audible cue lets you gauge how close the strikes are and the frequency.

The detector communicates with the hub and sensor through wireless with a range of up to a hundred meters. The counter shows a running total of strikes and their guessed distance. Further, you can also track the weekly and monthly sums as well.

The five-in-one sensor can measure the following information: wind velocity, rainfall history, indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, and barometric force.

Further, the humidity and temperature records keep running track of lows and highs within the specified time frame. The sensor powers itself with a solar panel and maintains backup power through a capacitor.

A self-employing rainfall cup combines information without needing to be emptied. To start receiving information, mount the sensor outside and link it to your hub.

The weather hub can alarm your program for many parameters, including humidity, temperature, wind speed, pressure,  dew point, rainfall, and heat index/ wind chill.

The display auto dims and comes with a conventional tabletop stand should you plan not to wall-mount it. The display shows average wind speed with 1, 2,5,10, and fifteen-minute intervals and rainfall in the last forty-eight hours, week, month, or year.

It also offers weather forecasts for your place by linking with the internet and calibrating itself with data from the sensor. You can upgrade this station with two extra outdoor or indoor sensors if you want as well.

Suppose you have followed ACURITE’s product line of low to mid-range automatic weather stations. In that case, you might be starting to wonder if it is even possible for the manufacturer to come up with new models on their patented combinations of outdoor weather sensors and multi-colored indoor screens.

If you thought they would finally reach the limit, we hope you were not betting money on that just because here is another.

Features AcuRite 01022M Pro Station

The AcuRite 01022M Pro Station brings a stunning new feature: a lengthening detector.

Yes, in addition to ACURITE’s five-in-one outdoor sensor, the 01022M Pro Station can detect lightning activity and not just count the number of strikes within a 25-mile radius but also estimate how far away from you they’re so you will know when it is time to turn off the PC and prepare for blackout when an extreme voltage attack from the heavens takes out the resident power station.

AcuRite 01022M Pro Station – Very durable
AcuRite 01022M Pro Station – Very durable

Aside from the great excitement of watching lightening move around your area (and the associated natural sound effects many seconds later), the AcuRite 01022M Pro Station provides the usual range of data from the standard five-in-one sensor: humidity, temperature, wind direction, rainfall, and wind speed.

The colorful indoor screen, one of many from ACURITE that provide variations on a similar theme, shows you this info along with the date and time, the projected forecast backed on the information from the sensor, a streaming weather ticker that gives a measure of actual time weather excitement to your usual ritual of hypnotized, stating at the display and indoor thermometer/barometer, so you will know what the weather is both outdoor and indoor.

And it keeps data on weather, including lightning strikes.


The O1022M model can send data wirelessly up to 330ft from the array to the display area. As purchased, this model will not link data to a personal computer or the online world.

To gain this feature, you will need the SmartHub unit from AcuRite.

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Display Console

The display package with this lighting detection station has crisp, bold colors and can be seen well. It gathers your sensor data and a weather prediction algorithm to produce the correct forecast for the right place.

Power source for weather instruments

These weather station instruments are battery-powered. Note solar panel on this unit is for the small fan and does not power the sensors.


Accuracy is not the power of this unit, but it is not that bad, either. It is sufficient for most.

  • Humidity: 3 -5%
  • Temperature: 2 F
  • Rain: 0.05 per inch
  • Wind speed: 2-5 mph
  • Wind direction indicators: sixteen points
  • Lighting detector: up to twenty-five miles away

Weather instruments

The AcuRite model comes with the primary five-in-one sensor array and contains the following weather instruments:

  • Outdoor/indoor thermometer – temp
  • Indoor/outdoor hygrometer – humidity
  • Self-emptying rain collector – rainfall
  • Wind wane & anemometer, wind speed, and way
  • Barometer – indoor barometric force
  • Lighting detector


Since this unit is exceptionally much a general weather station model despite the lighting detector, it is extremely reasonably priced. The lack of high-end specs makes it perfect for novice weather watchers.

Update Frequency

The minor weather-resistant lighting monitor updates every twenty-four seconds during general situations. Once the lighting detector registers as a strike, the updates increase every eight seconds. The update frequency of the weather station itself is eighteen seconds for wind speed and thirty-six seconds for both wind direction ad temperature to the display.

Hyperlocal, superior weather forecasting

AcuRite patented self-calibrating forecasting gives you a personal forecast of weather situations twelve hours in advance by collecting data from the sensor in your backyard.

It produces a forecast with pinpoint accuracy – personalized for your right place.

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Self-calibrating for your place

Our weather stations use a unique algorithm to analyze changes in force over time (known as learning mode) to determine your altitude. After fourteen days, the self-calibrated strength is tuned to your place, and the unit is ready for the best weather prediction.

Simple-to-install device

For fast setup, fasten the added mounting base to a post or pole using the four long screws added in the hardware bag.

Pick an open place with no obstructions above or around the sensor for the correct measurements.

Lighting detector

Detect lighting strikes within twenty-five miles with continuous updates every twenty-four seconds during general situations and eight seconds once the lighting is detected.

Use the sensors integrated hanger for a simple setup, or hang it by a string in a perfect place, like a well-covered tree branch.

What are actual users saying?

It was not shocking for us to find out during our research that most of the users of this weather station model truly like the added lighting detector, mentioning how chill it is that it can detect strikes up to twenty-five miles away. We heard very few nasty comments about this color weather station.


  • Lightning detector
  • Color weather station extents lightning within twenty-five miles
  • The lightning strike counter shows running total
  • Sensors feature very durably
  • The weather ticker streams real-time data


  • It works fine, but the price matches the quality — it’s costly.

Home Weather Station Acu Rite 5 in 1 Pro+ Weather Sensor

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Final words AcuRite 01022M Pro Station

This weather sensor and lightning strike sensor are an enormous idea if you live somewhere prone.

Being capable of tracking the rate of strikes will allow you to analyze your location’s weather patterns quickly.

The capability to attach up to two additional sensors provides you with even more options and can make forecasts with even more precision.

This weather sensor and added lighting strike sensor are remarkable if you live somewhere prone to thunderstorms.

Being capable of tracking the frequency of strikes will let you easily check the weather patterns in your area.

The capability to attach up to two extra sensors provides you with even more reach and options and the ability to make forecasts with even more precision.

Whether you are a hobbyist or looking to provide detail to your business, this weather station will provide you with all the data you could want or need.

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