Midland WR120 Vs Wr300 Weather Alert Radio
Midland WR120 Vs Wr300 Weather Alert Radio

The finest emergency weather radio is made with similar tech that can warn you against any particular location’s harsh weather.

In addition, the inbuilt flashlights with an alarm clock and a sound warning system provide you ample reason to purchase them.

Midland WR120 Weather Alert Radio in 2022

Remember that the authorized public manager comprehensively covers seven channels aired on the NOAA. That includes tornados, floods, and thunderstorms.

The best credit is that the weather radio has memory power that blocks down the weather data of 25 states at a time.

Now you can carry it daily as the alkaline-coated A.A.A. battery will provide quick power support.

Midland WR-120

The WR-120 emergency weather alert radio from Midland is a public alert certified weather and risks radio that lets you and your dear ones get up-to-date information about risky situations like flash floods, tornadoes, severe summer storms, and more.

The radio employs S.A.M.E. digital technology and specs seven preprogrammed NOAA channels for twenty-four-hour weather updates and all-hazards alerts for other emergencies.

The large, simple-to-read display provides a continuous backlighting choice that keeps the LCD on. The alert override feature mechanically switches over to warn you of impending risk, and you can pick from a display, voice, or tone alert type.

The radio specs twenty-five programmable counties color-coded alert indicators and ten reviewable alerts.

The WR-10 also features an alarm clock with a snooze key to keep it next to your bed for regular use. It also has an emergency power backup, accommodating three A.A.A. batteries, so you can stay tuned to essential updates even if there is an energy outage.

This all-objective radio provides a perfect way to keep informed of extreme weather and risky situations that could harm you or your family and provides the ease of a built-in alarm clock.

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Features Midland WR-120

  • A.M.E. digital technology permits you to get alerts/warnings for your area
  • THERE ARE seven NOAA preprogrammed channels – quick weather information direct from the National weather service.
  • Single, multiple, or any S.A.M.E. program settings
  • Gets over sixty alerts

Additional Specs

  • Silent programming
  • Alarm clock with snooze
  • Alert override switches mechanically from standby to emergency alerts
  • Three selectable warning systems: flashing L.E.D., 90 dB siren alarm, or voice alert
  • The big display makes it simple to view the date and time, and continuous LCD backlighting choice
  • Public alert certified
  • Color-coded alert level indicators
  • Trilingual: Pick From English, French, and Spanish

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Midland WR300 Weather Alert Radio

WR300 is preprogrammed to pull in only those warnings implemented to your location.

Midland WR300 has a memory system that allows you to assign it to receive warring for a particular country or state.

Midland WR300 Weather Alert Radio
Midland WR300 Weather Alert Radio

Thanks to the specific area message encoding virtual tech, it comes with.

The emergency weather radio is a single-speaker system that gives 23 programmable codes for states and provides a selectable warranting system.

That comes with a sound alert, a visual Flasher, and a ninety-decibel siren alarm.

The drift-free stage lock look tech that the WR-300 uses gives tuning ability.

Thanks to the event expiration alert that shows EXP on the screen, you’ll notify when a notification has expired.

This Midland WR300 weather radio is powered via four double-A batteries or an A.C. outlet utilizing the supplied A.C. power adapter.

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Midland WR300 Weather Radio

The Midland WR300 is a great weather radio which betters the lower-end models like WR120. Let us look at what this model of weather radio has to provide:


The Midland WR300 is a lightweight and compact weather radio with a similar design to the WR12. Some essential key difference in the LCD is at the base instead of the top.

The speaker takes the place of the LCD, and the keys are on the top this time. It has a rectangular shape rather than the sure in the WR120.

It also sports a silver shade instead of white. And the black keys are changed to gray to contrast with the silver body of the weather radio.

The Antenna is at the peak with a hook holding its location. The ports are at the top again, containing the A.C. adapter socket.

The volume keys are changed with a dial instead and moved to the side of the Midland WR300. The power key is beside the volume dial and can turn the radio off.

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Features Midland WR300 Weather Radio

FM/AM radio

The WR300 has an FM/AM radio that can tune in to AM and F.M. channel frequencies. Now, this spec was absent in the low-end model WR120. But since it is affordable, it was bound to miss a spec or two matched to the premium ones.

Most AM and F.M. channels are used for fun objectives. You can also find a medium that provides you with traffic alerts.

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Alarm clock

The Midland WR300 weather radio also serves as an alarm clock making it the best companion at the bedside. Further to getting warnings and queues from the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration, you can use it as a daily alarm clock too.

The speaker is extensive, so the alarm noise will be huge enough to wake you up. You also have a snooze key to snooze your alarm clock.

This is a recurring spec that was also present in the Midland WR120. Since this is little and much more compact than the low-end model, you can take it anywhere you travel. It will give you the weather advisories while working as an alarm clock.

Color-coded indicators

The color-coded indicators make an appearance again in the Midland WR300. These L.E.D. Light indicators flash in three colors to inform you of an alert for a watch, a warning, or an advisory. The red color is self-explanatory as a warning alert.

The orange, a color indicator for caution, shows an advisory alert. The green arrow differs from the Midland WR120, changing the yellow one and presenting a watch alert.

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S.A.M.E. localized programming

Using S.A.M.E. localized programming, you can program your Midland WR300 to provide weather updates from a specific nation or multiple ones. Specific Area Message Encoding codes are linked to each country.

By inputting the S.A.M.E. codes of the counties you want to know the weather, you get advisories of those counties in specific. It will lock on to that county’s N.W.S. and NOAA frequencies and provide you with advisories.

So if a storm is going to target a county Near Michigan, you will get warnings and alerts from that particular county.

Standby power and external Antenna

One thing that a weather radio needs to have is backup energy. The WR300 from Midland can run without its A.C. power with 4x A.A. batteries.

The WR120 used 3x A.A. batteries and could run for a week before you are required to replace the batteries. The WR300 can run for a whole lot longer, matched to that.

Detailed LCD

In the Midland WR120, we complained that the LCD did not show many details. The Midland WR300 addresses that problem and offers all the information on the LCD.

It presents the weather situation related to the county you are in. if there is a tornado alert in the countryside, a Tornado alert will be written on display to alert you.

Under it, you can view the county code indicator. If a single county is picked, it will show that to you.

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Midland WR300 Weather Alert Radio (Review)


Whether you choose radio between these 2, both are excellent devices for me.

Every device is best on its specific feature and when you select according to your particular needs.

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