C85845V3 Wireless Color Weather Station
C85845V3 Wireless Color Weather Station

If you are hunting for the best weather station that does not cost art and a leg, look no further than the La Crosse C85845V3 weather station.

It includes a virtual console with a complete color LCD that shows info in an intuitive and simple-to-read way, complete with animated weather forecast icons and color-coded comfy level indicators.

Picking forecast stations and selecting the most costly cones is generally not the best decision. It is still to find affordable yet highly functional gadgets to help you monitor the weather.

The C85845V3 is a versatile forecast station designed to better weather monitoring by offering users the right and relevant information. It comes with a big display that shows all the data perfectly, making it simple to read, even for the elderly.

Besides recording the barometric force and temperature, this innovative gadget also shows the dew point and heat index.

It also indicates the signal reception power and low battery to ensure it is always up and running.

Features Best Lacrosse Weather Station

Able to measure temp and moisture levels, the La Crosse C85845V3 sensors can wirelessly transmit recorded weather info console up to three hundred feet.

Apart from the humidity and temperature, the weather station can also show information like the dew point and heat index.

You can also utilize it to set up customizable temperature notifications.

A few essential functions include alarms, atomic time configuration, support for entire time zones in America, and auto-on-and-off features for daylight saving time.

The La Crosse C85845V3 utilizes AC power for the console with 2 AAA batteries for backup, while 2 AA batteries power the sensors.

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  • Big LED display to monitor fluctuations in temp
  • La Crosse C85845V3 supports every US time zone
  • It shows the dew spot along with the heat index for all those who know it
  • Time alarm with snooze
  • Atomic reception indicator
  • Signal strength icon for transmission of sensor
  • Low battery notified for sensors and stations
  • Auto DST setting, atomic time configuration, and alarms
  • Hi/Lo, humidity and temperature data


  • To use set up and use
  • Extremely affordable in price


  • Only essential weather records can be measured

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La Cross technology C85845V3 wireless forecast station

All this can seem scary, which is understandable. That is why all the guesswork is removed. And set up is just a matter of pressing a few keys.

So you will fast be capable of making an informed assessment of how the day’s forecast will play out.

All of these features are made possible thanks to the weatherproof sensor. It transmits all the new information wirelessly, so setting this station up is easy and painless. Those reasons alone would be sufficient to seriously consider purchasing if you love the look of this forecasting device.

How to set up the outdoor sensor?

We advise that the open-air sensor mounts vertically and out of direct sunlight.

In a sheltered and well-ventilated place, tree hedging, metal sliding, and some types of glass paneling can hugely reduce the signal range.

You are best to go as long as the sensor has a perfect signal path to the display panel and is placed in the best position out of open sunlight.

Features La Crosse C85845

Display unit

The tablet is easy to use and plain to link and set. It can handily connect to the sensor which you locate outside. The display unit is perfectly configurable. For example, you can select the backlight as you want. You can brighten it up or use it in a power-saver mode. Even fully turn it off to spare more power if you wish.

You can set the alarm via the tablet menu. That means it will buzz an alarm as soon as it teaches the humidity level or temperature you present. It also demonstrates the temperature trends if it is a rising trend or a reducing one.

Apart from that, one of the tablets has some keys that include more options. You can disable and enable the mechanical daylight savings time resets. It covers 7 USA time zones from Hawaiian to the Atlantic.

On display, icons show the signal power it gets, the battery level, and the atomic reception indicator.

One bad thing is that it’s the transmission. They say it gets signals from its open-air sensors as far as three hundred feet, but it has some specific issues with going via concrete buildings.

Finally, if you want to hang it on a wall, you can perform it. It can stand on a table or desk thanks to its kick-out leg stand.

Technical details

You do not need to assemble anything here. You locate it outside and link. Then, it just begins to work.

The tablet is pretty best for handling. It measures 3.6 inches in width and 6.7 inches in height. It weighs roughly 0.8 lbs, so it means it is lightweight.

When you unbox, you will not have batteries in the pack. So, you should purchase it on your own.

The outside sensor materials are weather-resistant. The durability is promised under a broad spectrum of weather situations such as fog, heavy rain, snowstorm, or overcast.

So, it would help if you did not hesitate about the safety of your sensor under any circumstances.

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The C85845V3 display unit is one of the easiest among the weather stations. Its simplicity helps every person learn and read about the weather.

You can read the data collected by the outside sensors on the left-hand side, while the right-hand side information provides the reports indoors. It shows both the humidity and temperature as a default.

La Crosse Technology is alert that not every person may know about the standard humidity levels, so they located a scale showing if it can be considered “Dry, Humidor Good.”

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Buyer reviews comments

The C85845V3 has excellent feedback on Amazon, with an average of 4.6 stars. Aside from what we pointed out, people loved the price and packaging/performance ratio. It seems La Crosse technology’s best design applies to their packaging.

Another thing that people talked about is the perfect instructions in the product manual.

The last thing both other customers and I loved was the simple-to-read display. The accuracy of forecast and temperature is also value praising.

Anyway, it is not all flying colors. The clients who bought this item also criticized it for not getting sufficient support from customer service.

I had to try to pair many times before successfully pairing.

The La Crosse Technology color wireless forecast station packs lots of specs and functionality in its sleek and perfect frame, so it will never leave you guessing or keep you out in the chill.

If this product review has done its work, maybe you are just itching to go and buy it through the internet at the best price.

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C85845 Wireless Color Weather Station

Final words

La Crosse C85845V3 is an easy and sophisticated tech device.

Being a perfect weather station at a budget-friendly price, it’s commonly utilized in households as it’s simple to read and comprehend.

The La Crosse technology is best for you if you want a stylish weather forecasting station that is right and simple. It is sweet in design and is one of the most spec products in this price range.

A high percentage of customers have given four and five-star reviews, which is a testament to the standard of the product.

This item will provide both if you want the proper daily humidity and temperature reading at home. It will record low and high-temperature readings, wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, and more in your home place.

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