la crosse technology s83301 1 noaa weather radio with tornado alerts
la crosse technology s83301 1 noaa weather radio with tornado alerts

Many people have voted for this radio as the best emergency radio because you can filter alerts on these devices.

Several devices would sound all the alerts so that you might wake up at night to a loud sound.

There’s a dedicated button for tornado alerts, and you can press that key to set the radio to alert you only in the case of a tornado.

Features La Crosse Technology S83301

Alternatively, you can pick to receive every kind of alert with this device to prepare yourself for any weather condition thoroughly.

In an emergency alert, the volume of the La Crosse Technology S83301-1 will automatically go up, and the backlight will flash red.

The LED screen is big, so you read the scrolling alert that appears during emergency broadcasts and the low battery life indicator.

The device has three different color codes depending on the severity of the notification. Hence, you get an idea about the situation from the light color alone.

The blue LED blinks slowly when its standby mode goes fast when there’s an alert. The telescopic antenna can catch the frequencies from anywhere, so you can receive news while you are outside camping, hiking, etc.

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  • Good reception
  • Automatic activation
  • Tornado-only mode available


  • Slightly noisy
  • External antenna plug not present

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If you wanted the best emergency weather radio in 2022, you could prefer this one. It alerts you if there’s any tornado in your area. The LCD would change from blue to red to provide weather alerts.

You get three alerts with LED lights, such as warning, advisory, and watch. It connects you to other radio stations and provides quality sound.

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