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Emergency Weather Radio

An emergency radio is, broadly speaking, a radio receiver designed to remain functional in a power outage or isolation from contact with civilization.

Such radios are often designed to run on minimal or renewable power sources like solar.

A clear emergency radio signal and accurate weather reading are crucial in emergencies.

Rely on emergency and weather radios and locator beacons to help rescue teams locate you in an emergency situation.

Best Emergency Radios in 2022 [Buying Guide]

Emergency radios are generally designed to cover the standard AM and FM broadcasting bands and weather radio in countries that provide that service.

Basic shortwave radio coverage (for situations where local radio is unavailable or unavailable) is less common.

NOAA Weather Radio is an automated 24-hour network of VHF FM weather radio stations in the United States that broadcast weather information directly from a nearby National Weather Service office.

NOAA weather radios broadcast a warning and post-event information for a wide variety of hazards and emergencies

Listen to live NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts on our list of audio streams. weatherUSA offers an audio streaming platform for NOAA Weather Radio, and we also provide links to other available streams on the Internet.

The Best Emergency Weather Radios

Select a station below to tune in, or choose to Listen in the list to open the stream in your computer or mobile device’s audio player.

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